May 23, 2017



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2017 major sponsor Bentley Brisbane will be hosting an incredible exhibition at SCIBS this year, providing a special glimpse into the craftsmanship, character and racing heritage of the iconic British luxury carmaker.

Last year’s popular addition of Supercar Street is returning in 2017, complementing the spectacular showcase of hundreds of premier boats on water and throughout the vibrant Marine Village.

Headlined by major sponsor Bentley Brisbane, the stunning line-up will also see the latest driving machines from premium brands including Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, BMW and Lotus.

Bentley Brisbane will also stage the Queensland launch of its first diesel model, the Bentayga Diesel, as well as the all-new Extreme Bentley, the Continental Supersports.

Bentley’s Bentayga Diesel is the world’s fastest and most powerful luxury diesel SUV, boasting an all-new, technologically advanced, trple-charged, 4.0 litre, 32 valve V8 engine; hitting a top speed of 270 kmh and accelerating from zero to 100kmh in 4.8 seconds.

While the Bentayga Diesel highlights the power, refinement and range, the Continental Supersports embodies Bentley’s luxury and performance ethos.

An extension of the Bentley Be Extraordinary roadshow, the exhibition allows guests to immerse themselves in the brand’s proud 100-year history while also marvelling at its sleek contemporary range.

The Queensland-first exhibit will include visual stories detailing everything from the process of selecting hides and the length of time it takes to hand-stitch the steering wheel in the Mulsanne, while also celebrating the company’s racing success.

Visit Bentley Brisbane in their showroom on the Boardwalk from tomorrow through to Sunday.

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