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BrandsTIWAL 3.2 Inflatable Sailng Dinghy

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Description The TIWAL 3.2 is designed by French designer, Marion Excoffon. It is a product of some smart engineering and what she has come up with is a stable, comfortable sailing dinghy which performs as well as a hard dinghy, packs down into two portable bags and looks good too! The TIWAL is designed for safety. It has a wide V-shaped underbody that provides more stability than a traditional rigid dinghy. Its saber-shaped daggerboard offers the same upwind sailing ability as a traditional dinghy and it's boomless sail makes tacking safe and easy. The boat is easily righted when capsized by standing on the racks. The TIWAL has two sails, a 7.5 sq metre and a 5.2 sq metre. The TIWAL can reach planing speeds of up to 12 knots and due to the robust hull can provide some serious fun for the more adventurous sailor. The TIWAL can take an adult and two children or two adults. The TIWAL is 10.5 feet long, weighs 50kgs and comes in two bags - one for the hull and one for the structure and the sail. The dinghy, which won Sailing World magazine’s Best Innovation award in 2014, can be ready to sail in twenty minutes!
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