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Description SmartYacht is an innovative luxury motor yacht co-ownership business operating throughout the Mediterranean, Seychelles, Adriatic, Persian Gulf, Caribbean with additional destinations including the U.S, Australia, and Asia. We offer three different yachting concepts to satisfy discerning international clients who are in the market for exclusive private cruising and holiday experiences. Firstly, our club membership, which starts from A$49,900 and provides 18 weeks use over three years, is designed for people who do not want to own a yacht but occasionally want to use one for personal or business occasions. Secondly, our co-ownership model, which starts from around A$195,000, brings together up to a maximum of four international co-owners providing each co-owner with flexible and almost unlimited use of a yacht up to four times the value than their own personal budget permits. Lastly, we offer existing luxury motor yacht owners a complete management and first class concierge service, including the opportunity to generate consistent and highly secure income via our club membership program tailored around their specific usage requirements
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