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Description Zodiac’s No.1 Gold Coast dealer Captain Nemo’s at Sanctuary Cove, is the hub for Zodiac boats on the Gold Coast. Zodiac inflatable boats have 120 years of history, prestige, and heritage. The Zodiac is famous for its exceptional loading capacity, reassuring stability, space saving portability, while maintaining incomparable quality finishes. What makes Zodiac so superior is the high-performance fabric. Zodiac is still the standard to which all other inflatable boats are compared. Zodiac use a unique method of manufacturing, “Thermo-bonding” developed by Zodiac, to achieve unparalleled durability, without compromising the integrity of their marine craft. There has been no expense spared when creating a Zodiac Marine inflatable, and this reflects Zodiac’s unbeatable time in the industry, as you can maintain peace of mind that your latest Zodiac Marine purchase is built to last and will surpass expectations. Do yourself a favour, check out the world-famous Zodiac Inflatable Boats. you will not be disappointed!
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