RIB Force Inflatables

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BrandsAB Inflatables, Aurora Inflatables, Mercury outboards, Mercury Inflatables, Oceanic Trailers

Location(s) MASTHEAD WAY

Description RIB Force Inflatables have been looking after the sale, repair and maintenance of inflatable boats (AB, Aurora, Mercury) and Mercury outboards on the Gold Coast for many years. RIB Force Inflatables specialise in being able to offer custom builds for a number of niche markets including the luxury tenders, day boats (fishing, SCUBA, snorkelling, spearfishing) commercial builds and rescue boats. RIB Force Inflatables offer a wide range of RIBs with both aluminium as well as fibre glass hulls. RIB Force Inflatables also offer a range of soft bottom inflatables including slat floors, slip in floors and air decks catering for both the leisure and commercial markets. RIB Force Inflatables also offers a wide range of service in support of inflatable boats including refurbishments, repairs and service of inflatable boats. RIB Force Inflatables also offer a well equiped service facility for the maintenance and service of Mercury outboards.
Phone 55737265
Email mike@RIBForce.com.au
Web www.ribforceinflatables.com

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