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BrandsProPower Probiotic Tank Treatment FixnZip Australia

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Description FixnZip Australia. Don’t be “caught” out doors! FixnZip is a high quality Nickel, Zipper Slide Replacement. It’s a game changer with its ability to save the user time, energy and cost when repairing ANY zip. No more replacing the entire zip system on Boat Clears, Sail Bags, Boom Covers, Tents, Awnings, Clothing Etc. FixnZip is easy to use, strong and adjustable in order to give the required tension and hold for any Zip. Probiotic Power. The key odour problem in boats today is the unpleasant smell that originates from the head, black & grey waste water holding tanks and the bilge. ProPower is safe, environmentally friendly and effective at eliminating all reservoirs of unpleasant odours in all holding tanks. ProPower is a Probiotic and with the use of these specially engineered micro organisms, they eliminate all forms of organic odour instantly.
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