May 12, 2017



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Grand Banks Yachts GB60 2017 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show


Grand Banks Yachts is proud to be unveiling the brand new, highly anticipated GB60 at the 2017 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show from May 25 to 28.

The GB60 is a yacht that will further burnish the company’s reputation of designing, engineering and building luxurious, long range motor yachts that have satisfied cruising owners since 1964.

The new GB60 incorporates the latest marine technologies, from leading-edge construction to reliable propulsion and manoeuvring systems.

“The GB60 is taking Grand Banks in a whole new direction in terms of appearance, performance, and construction techniques,” said Grand Banks CEO Mark Richards, who came to Grand Banks with the company’s acquisition of his Palm Beach Motor Yachts brand.

“We are particularly excited because this is the first collaboration effort between the design teams of both brands,” he said.

“The result is a better performing yacht with a fresh appearance.”

The GB60 measures 20.4 metres LOA, has a beam of 5.8 metres, and draws only 1.1 metres.

This means that Grand Banks is delivering a large, comfortable yacht that can be owned and operated by a knowledgeable cruising couple, with the width and interior volume that makes extended stays practical for owners and their guests, and the capability to explore waters less frequented by other 60-footers with deeper draft.

Grand Banks also will also have the Palm Beach 65 and Palm Beach 42 on display at SCIBS 2017.

Check out the world launch of the GB60 at Pier D on the marina. For more information, visit


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