In 2015, the introduction of the Bali Catamaran to Australia stirred up excitement and curiosity within the sailing community. Its unconventional design, featuring no trampoline, a full-sized fridge, and a tilting door, challenged the norms of the catamaran market, leaving many wondering about its origin and the minds behind its creation.

Crafted by the esteemed French manufacturer Catana in collaboration with Dream Yacht Charter, the Bali Catamaran swiftly gained recognition as the epitome of modern boating luxury. Dubbed the “it Boat,” it quickly became the vessel of choice for both charter enthusiasts and private owners seeking a leisurely lifestyle on the water.

One such example is “Queen Lizzy,” the Owner’s Version Bali 4.2, proudly showcased at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show Marina and available for charter in the breathtaking Whitsundays.

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For those intrigued by the idea of yacht ownership but deterred by the associated hassles, Dream Yacht Sales introduces the Yachtshare option. With the Yachtshare/Fractional Ownership Program, individuals can partake in yacht ownership without the burdens of sole ownership. The program features the impressive NEW Bali Catsmart, offering shared owner time while Dream Yacht takes care of maintenance and cleaning, allowing owners to simply enjoy their time on board.

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