Invictus Yacht presents a triumphant fusion of luxury and performance across its stellar range of models, including those that will be on display at SCIBS 2024.

The Australian national dealer of Invictus Yacht, Sundance Marine, will be showcasing the GT370, TT280 & TT420 models on F Row. Come and meet the team and see for yourself how the Invictus Yacht brand blends Italian design flair with state of the art technology. The GT370 embodies elegance with its sleek lines and spacious layout, offering a perfect balance of comfort and style. Whether leisurely cruising or making a statement at sea, this yacht ensures uncompromised luxury.Compact yet powerful, the TT280 delivers a thrilling ride with its agile design and advanced technology. Ideal for exploring hidden coves or enjoying water sports, it allows for versatility and excitement.

For those seeking grandeur on a bigger scale, the TT420 stands tall with its commanding presence and lavish amenities. From its expansive deck spaces to its sumptuously appointed interiors, every detail speaks of opulence and sophistication.

Come and experience the unique offering of an Invictus Yacht. You will be in awe of the fine detail and superior craftsmanship onboard these vessels.

The team at Sundance Marine look forward to meeting you at SCIBS 2024. Meet the team on the Marina F Pier!