With decades of experience in the design and development of marine propulsion systems, ZF is a global leader in marine propulsion technology, offering green driveline solutions.

ZF supplies complete driveline systems as well as components for all types of vessels, including motor yachts, watersports boats, high-speed ferries, workboats, and commercial vessels, in a power range from 10 to 12,000 kW.

For shipbuilders and fleet operators looking to lower emissions, fuel consumption, and operation costs, ZF offers a hybrid-capable transmission portfolio across many application segments. Ask ZF how you can increase reliability, profitability, and quality.

The full product portfolio includes transmissions (reversing, non-reversing, and hybrid), propellers, steering systems, CAN-bus-compatible electronic control systems, azimuth thrusters, tunnel thrusters, and sail drives.

With high quality, intelligent design concepts, and individual service, ZF guarantees minimum downtimes and low life cycle costs.

Visit the ZF stand on The Parkway at SCIBS and chat with Gary, Mikael, Shane, and Jason to learn more about our innovative marine propulsion solutions!